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Parent Feedback

Here’s a sample of the parent feedback we receive each term:

“My older daughter attended the Little Musicians class a few years ago and we were all very happy to participate. Now we are enrolling our younger daughter in the same class and are sure that we will enjoy it again. Faria is an amazing teacher with heart and soul as beautiful and deep as only music can be. She takes the children on a wonderful adventure in a world of fascinating sounds and beats. It surely shows when passion and profession come together. And as pompous as words sound, just wait until you meet Faria.
She simply creates magic!”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful year of music! My child sings the songs from class all the time on his own. You are an exceptional teacher—warm, knowledgeable, professional and fun!”

“Madeleine and Claire love your class on Thursday mornings. They rave about it so much that I am green with envy that I cannot attend. Madeleine looks forward to her “Faria” days all week. I always breathe a sigh of relief Wednesday nights because I can finally say to her that tomorrow is a “Faria” day and I know all will be well!”

“We enjoyed the cheerfulness and laughter that you fill the class with. Thank you for sharing your expertise and love of music with my daughters.”

“Your classes for our children are always well planned and beautifully executed. You have a wonderful manner with the children and a real gift.”

“Thank you for giving our daughter such a wonderful musical experience. You are an outstanding teacher—so full of light and positive energy!”

“Thank you so much for filling our days with music. I so enjoy coming here on Saturdays!”

“What I liked best was that the children participated hands-on. Each class was active with lots of variety. We love your class!”

“I was amazed that it (the class) could keep kids focused for so long. The hand stamp keeps us talking about the class for the rest of the day.

“It’s a fabulous class – both sexes seem to enjoy it equally – keep up the great work!”

“Brendan was always excited to go to class and always left happy afterwards.”

But of course the best feedback comes from the children themselves, who always ask to hear their favourite songs and games repeated again and again!

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